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Problems with Recording

Thu Jan 01, 2015 3:43 am


I have downloaded and installed the latest version from the official website. Unfortunately, however, Bandicam simply refuses to record my gameplay. It won't recognise my games, and as a result, the FPS overlay never displays in the corner of the screen, meaning I am unable to record. I have taken ample time to make sure all the settings are correct, and I've also consulted the Bandicam FAQ along with a number of tutorials on Youtube. It just simply won't record my games in DirectX/Open GL mode. I am able to record in Rectangle on Screen mode, however, this causes the cursor and everything on screen to flicker, but I understand Rectangle on Screen mode is not suitable for recording gameplay anyway.

If anyone could help me out or offer any advice that would go towards solving my problem, I would very much appreciate it. I've heard many great things about Bandicam, and I would love to try it out for myself. I did download Bandicam once before some years ago, but unfortunately, I had the same issue then as the one I'm dealing with now. Fraps is simply not an option for me anymore, It's a great program in terms of ease of use and reliability, however, the fact that it slows processing speed and PC performance down to a crawl, just makes it impossible to use for recording full-length walkthroughs and episodes exceeding 10 minutes. Not to mention it creates huge file sizes which makes editing difficult.

The games I'm trying to record are The Battle for Middle-Earth series by EA Games. I know these games can be recorded by Bandicam, as other people have done it before. So, like I say, any help would be very much appreciated.

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Re: Problems with Recording

Thu Jan 01, 2015 10:15 am

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Re: Problems with Recording

Fri Jan 02, 2015 2:03 pm

Hello, thanks for getting back to me. I honestly have no idea what Origin is. I have thoroughly been through all the settings on Bandicam multiple times, but I can't find the setting you're referring to. How would I go about changing this setting?

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Re: Problems with Recording

Fri Jan 02, 2015 2:54 pm


We're sorry that we only have the following solutions.
http://www.bandicam.com/faqs/no_fps_fra ... nd_number/

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