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feature request: more audio tracks

Sat Aug 01, 2015 7:17 pm


a recent version of bandicam added the ability to be more specific with audio devices, which paves the way for a feature I requested I made a few years ago, was backed up by other users, but at the time was denied.

That feature is multiple audio streams. Currently we have the option to record two, which is great. However, when recording co-op or multiplayer let's plays it is often the case the skype/mumble/teamspeak audio needs cleaning up - remove background noise, adjust levels, or edit out profanity, for example.

With my current workflow it is not possible to separate skype and gameplay audio, but with a third audio stream specifically for multiplayer voice it would. This would be a godsend to those of us that are aiming for higher quality productions. Hell, I'll even promise to do a video promoting Bandisoft!! :twisted:

previous feature request is here -

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Re: feature request: more audio tracks

Sun Aug 02, 2015 10:51 am

If I may pop in on this, recording multiple audio sources to multiple audio tracks is quite difficult in Windows, since Windows seems to use a Multiplexing approach to audio streaming (multiple sources combined into one output - for example: Skype, a game, a media player, a webcam, playing audio all at once with output to one adapter - your speakers). It can be done of course.

One way to do so, is to have multiple audio adapters (hardware) on one system. For example, throw in a Sound Card into your case, or attach a USB Sound Device ('external sound card', especially if you are using a laptop and cannot connect a sound card interally). Then, in Windows, assign one audio stream to that device (eg. set Skype to use that audio adapter). Then, you can use any audio program to record from that one device (select the audio adapter as the Source within the program (eg. setting the Sound Card (configuring it to be used by Skype, for instance) as the main Source audio input for a program, such as Audacity, for instance)). This would then give you the audio from Skype (in this example) as the only audio within a recorded track (perhaps saved as a WAV file, produced by Audacity). This is one way to get the 'separate audio tracks/files' output you are looking for.

Good luck with it!
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Re: feature request: more audio tracks

Sun Aug 02, 2015 7:10 pm

setting your environment up to enable multiple applications to record to multiple streams does take some effort; additional hardware, or virtual hardware ( for example is great). But that's the easy part.

The difficult part is the recording more than two streams with bandicam, primarily because it cannot do it. As you say, you resort to cobbled together methods (as you've described)- or competitor products which I wont name for obvious reasons. Personally a solution done entirely within Bandicam would be preferential for me - it's a great product and I really like its flexibility in every other regard. That, and having the entire capture aspect of the workflow within a simple unified application just makes far more sense to me.

Programmatically speaking, once you have the concept of having a product that can record the output of a devices to 2 streams, it's not super difficult to say, actually, let's just add another stream or two, or x.

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