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Black video after recording too long

Thu May 19, 2016 3:17 am

I've been quite happy with Bandicam for as long as I've owned it, but unfortunately I'm now running into a string of very frustrating problems and I hope someone can help me fix it.

I've built a new PC and with it a new OS of Win10. On Win 7 I had no problems at all but Win 10 has been a nightmare for any kind of video recording. It seems that recording in either game mode or screen mode will give me black video if it goes on too long. Short videos are fine but anything around an hour was losing the video, this made me lose over 5-6 hours of footage I intended to use as content for my channel.

I think I resolved the issue with game recording, but I need to do further testing.. I was able to record a couple hours of a game at 1080-60fps and it seemed fine, but I know I'm still having a problem with screen zone capture. I'm trying to recreate the footage that was lost above and unfortunately my current solution is to record someoene else's view point that the sent to me via another video file.. problem is that my vegas editor won't read it.. so I'm trying to record the playback using bandicam screen capture and it goes black after awhile... so here's the fixes I put in place that seemed to work for the game capture below I'll also include my current video settings:
  • *I found a registry key to turn off Gamebar on Windows 10. This means that advanced capture in Bandicam is off and cannot be turned on
  • *Bandicam is set to run as administrator
  • *Bandicam is set to run in Windows 7 compatibility mode
  • *File Type: AVI
  • *FPS: 60 - Prefer CFR
  • *Codec: H264 (NVIDIA NVENC) - VBR - quality-based
  • *Keyframe interval: 1
  • *FourCC code: X264
  • *Quality: 100
  • *Audio Codec: PCM
  • *Channels: Stereo
  • *Frequency: 48000

I've seen tons of topics regarding this issue on multiple recording platforms. My only guess is that Win10 messed something up for those of us who want to screen capture using 3rd party software, there were no problems with win 7 at least. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know, I'm getting tired of losing time and footage and it's frustrating me to no end.

Thank you.

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