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Audio recording question

Sun Mar 18, 2012 7:10 am

So.. I'm going to do a playthrough of a game with some friends. And what I'm trying to do is that each one of us is recording our own voice, whilst I'm recording my voice and the ingame sounds (we use skype). But I only want my recording to capture my mic and the ingame sound, not the skype conversation since they're going to record their own mic.
To make it easier to understand..

1. I record my mic and the ingame sound.
2. My friends only record their mic.
3. They send the recordings to me.
4. I edit out the background noises and sync them up with the video
5. ??????
6. Receives bacon

But that is just not how things are working..

I use a soundcard, and I've tried most things to fix this, but it just won't work... So is there anyone here that knows how to make it work? I use Windows 7.

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Re: Audio recording question

Mon Mar 19, 2012 6:01 pm


You can't remove a certain sound on your computer.

* Some tips for you
1. Choose "For edit Premiere/Sony Vegas" preset for editing.

2. Click "Mixer" on volume control of Windows

3. When you start a recording with Skype, the game volume will be reduced by Skype.
- Increase "Game volume" to record game sounds
- Decrease the right Skype volume in volume mixer to reduce the friend's voice.

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