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Recording video

Tue Jun 20, 2017 6:22 am

If Im playing a video (for example on youtube or VLC) and I start recording this "original video" using bandicam (rectangle on a screen) and after I finish this recording nobody will ever find out that this "new" video I recorded using bandicam is in fact "original video"??? I need to know it because this way I removed the bottom of one of my video (now its deleted). So now I have only the "new" video. Does bandicam create an .avi video without exposing it was recorded with bandicam (of course there is no watermark)? I hope there is noT anything like "electronic signature" or something hidden in video which would reveal the truth. Is it possible to find out what is and what is not "bandicam video"? Only computer experts could find the truth, right??? Thank you.

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Re: Recording video

Tue Jun 20, 2017 2:03 pm

Hello jake67,

In order to get rid of the watermark of Bandicam, you need to record with the full version of Bandicam.

https://www.bandicam.com/faqs/how_to_pu ... er_serial/

As for the file information which tells you that the file was made by Bandicam, if you use MediaInfo you can see "Writing application: BandiMp4Muxer 1.0" and you cannot remove the information from the file.

Thank you.

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