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[Feature Request] Stopped Recording Message

Mon Feb 05, 2018 10:36 pm

I have two closely related feature requests as follows:

1. Recently while recording gaming footage my hard disk ran out space. Obviously Bandicam stopped recording and actually closed out the mp4 file such that what I had recorded could be watched (kudos to Bandicam). However, I received NO warning that the recording had stopped. Only when I quit the game did I see some warning/error dialog boxes on screen, but because I was in-game they were never visible. I lost around 20 minutes of footage and narration.

So, my request is that if a recording ends prematurely that there is an option to have Bandicam show some kind of "Stopped Recording" message/icon/indicator that appears on-screen even if Bandicam is not the active on-screen program.

2. Often I will switch between using timed "Auto Complete Recording"s and normal manual start/stop recordings. Sometimes I will forget that I left a timed Auto Complete Recording setting active and start a recording. Say 30 minutes later having thought I was recording my gaming and narration session I will find that the Auto Complete Recording stopped the recording after only 1 minute (for example).

So, similarly to the first feature request, it would be very useful to have a "Stopped Recording" message be forced to appear on-screen so that I know when this kind of event occurs. At the moment not having any message is leading to severe frustration.

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