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Bandicam breaks game upon pressing record hotkey- Issue

Thu Apr 05, 2018 6:48 pm

Hi there

After literally spending hours of fighting with this program, I have finally come to a conclusion and a solution ( Hopefully a temporary solution ) of what was causing Flight Simulator X to crash the instant the Record hotkey was pressed.
I would like to note that this is in Full Screen. Windowed Mode FSX had no problems with this, but the game does not like Windowed Mode and has issues maintaining a solid frame rate versus full screen..


Here is what I did in this order of diagnosing this issue

1. Did a thorough clean install of GPU drivers( Includes using Display Driver Uninstaller in SAFE MODE ). No good but the new drivers helped performance.
2. Did a thorough clean install of Bandicam with latest version ( which is beautiful by the way ), no good.
3. Tried a number of different codecs and settings, even xvid. Nope

I was beginning to think I was running out of Video Card but I did the same test with FRAPS ( The first screen recorder I bought a million years ago before I had Bandicam ) and had zero issues, so I KNEW it was software related to Bandicam..

The solution... ( not anymore, went back to breaking the game )

*** 4. Turn off the FPS overlay. Problem solved. Can record all day long now. I just figured this out about 20 minutes ago.

So try turning the FPS Overlay. The only issue with this is if you record FULL SCREEN like me, You do not totally know if its recording or not. Just press the record button and cross your fingers.

Hope this helps! I will be spreading the word and hopefully the techs at Bandicam can figure out why the FPS Overlay is breaking our game.

Have an awesome day Bandicam users!

Let me know if this helps for you!

Unfortunate update-

Had the game crash upon switching codec, put everything back, wouldn't do anything, restarted both programs under Administrator, appears to be working. I seriously do not understand why I have to fight with this program more than I get any work done. But at the moment, trying it in Windowed Mode for now.

PC Specs

Intel i7 6700k not overclocked ( if you count a Turbo Boost overclock to 4.5 an overclock )
Gigabyte GTX 970 Xtreme ( GV-N970XTREME-4GD )
16GBs of DDR4 RAM @ 3200mhz
a Dozen SSDs
1 WD 1 tb for storage
Windows 7 64 Ultimate

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