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Hooking Exclusions (Blocked Process List) Issues

Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2018 9:30 am
by GT500
I have two issues with the hooking exclusions (called "Blocked process list" in Bandicam):

  1. The list simply doesn't hold enough process names for me to be able to exclude every process that I don't want/need Bandicam to hook. My exclusions list is full, and now I find that I need to exclude LibreOffice as well (which has roughly 8 processes that would need to be excluded, and I can't exclude a single one of them without removing other processes from the list).
  2. The exclusions are not preventing Bandicam from injecting bdcam.dll into all excluded processes. As you can see in the below screenshot, I have both steam.exe and steamwebhelper.exe in the exclusions, however in the screenshot below that you can see that Process Hacker found bdcam.dll loaded into both steam.exe and steamwebhelper.exe:



I have two proposed solutions for the issue with the whitelist being full (although I imagine that there are others that would work as well):

  1. Instead of an exclusions list that is simply a text area where each entry is on a separate line, make it a table where there is a separate entry for each exclusion (like what most Anti-Virus softwares do) and then store the exclusions in an SQLite database file where each entry in the exclusions list gets its own entry in the database. I assume that handling exclusions in this way would eliminate the need for a limit to the number of entries, granted this is an assumption made without knowing the technical reason behind the character limit in the exclusions list.
  2. Allow us to specify a whitelist of folders that games will be running out of so that we can confine Bandicam to only hooking processes that run out of these specifically whitelisted folders (and any subfolders of course). For Steam, Uplay, and Origin that would be three paths to enter in the exclusions list. Obviously many of us have games in other folders as well, but if we run into a character limit then we could always back up game files, uninstall the games, create a "Games" folder somewhere (in Program Files or in the root of the C: drive for instance), and install all of our other games in there to reduce the number of entries in the list.