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Saving audio file separately

Posted: Sat Jul 28, 2018 3:59 am
by BlackMilk
EDIT: The title does not indicate with great accuracy what I'm talking about. Please read the thread before replying.


First time poster here. Have had a registered version of the programme for a while now and used the trial version in the past. Pretty satisfied overall (despite the issue where it often doesn't properly detect games/windows) but this is a different subject matter!

Currently, Bandicam allows you to save a file containing all of the captured audio besides the video file itself. However, the audio is in the video as well.
What I would like to hereby formally request is a feature (possibly difficult to do, I'm not sure) that allows you to still capture audio from specific sources but NOT have it put in (embedded, I guess?) the resulting video file directly.

What? Why?
Well I'm thinking of my main activity with Bandicam: recording gameplay videos for Youtube with commentary. Probably a super popular activity among BC users, I'm sure.
What I find difficult is having to run a bunch of recording tests to tinker with game sound/music volumes of a title to put those in balance with the sound of my microphone delivered commentary.
Too often have I had to discard a video because I found the audio to be unsatisfactory.

How will this feature help me?
It will allow me to record gameplay and talk about it while playing without ever having to worry about it (for example) being too low in volume compared to the sounds and music of the game. By default, in-game sounds and music are balanced between eachother and usually don't require much altering other than personal taste. But the commentary often doesn't fit in.
If I can get it saved ENTIRELY separate and outside of the saved video file, I can simply add the track to the video file in my editor and edit the volume to suit the video there.

My one concern: I'm not an expert on video editing nor am I a technophobe, but I have read some stuff about FPS. Apparently if you record something with different FPS, that gets laid out evenly in an editor and in such a case the commentary audio would be out of place. But that's not a problem for you, the people of/at Bandicam. That's a problem for myself and the creators of editing software.

Hoping this will be considered, if it hasn't been suggested yet by now. Thank you!

Re: Saving audio file separately

Posted: Sat Jul 28, 2018 8:36 pm
by Zuzu_Typ
Hey BlackMilk,

what you're trying to achieve is already possible.
save audio tracks.png
save audio tracks.png (27.87 KiB) Viewed 2496 times

Its actually pretty straight forward too.

The settings shown above enable you to normalize your volume during editing.

If you have trouble finding the menu above,
Go to

This is one of the things I personally dislike about Bandicam the most. Finding individual menus.
You know they're there somewhere, but unfortunately the UI isn't very well structured, so you end up searching for way longer than necessary.

Re: Saving audio file separately

Posted: Sun Jul 29, 2018 5:12 am
by BlackMilk
Hello, Zuzu_Typ.

Thanks to your reply and a little inquisitiveness on my part, I've found it. Your screenshot pointed out the second option I had to look at but it was cut off, almost seemed to imply it didn't matter or something.

Anyway, the confusion explained:
The first checkbox "Save audio tracks while recording (.wav)" is what I used before. I got my video that included the game sound and my microphone sound (the part I didn't want) as well as an audio file containing both sound tracks.

The second checkbox just says that if enabled, it will put both audio tracks together. What it doesn't say that depending on wether or not it is enabled, it will save the audio in the video file as well.

"Two Sound Mixing (Primary+Secondary into one audio track)" has two functions while only mentioning one.
Function one: you get two audio tracks instead of one, each with their own captured audio.
Function two: the secondary sound track is (in my test) no longer included in the video file.

I just went to test it out purely because it was framed with a red line in your screenshot. Didn't think it would change anything but to my surprise it did.

So basically, problem solved!

This is not relevant to my question anymore but I just wanted to say that thanks to the information I had, it almost looked like you hadn't read my post. It's happened to me MANY times before that I explained an issue and got an answer that repeated what I already knew. You clearly did understand the problem and knew what I was talking about but I didn't get that from your words in your reply. The screenshot made me curious and since I like to test and double check stuff, this is where we are now. My point is that the lack of proper function descriptions in the programme led to a misunderstanding and that makes me just a little bit sad.

I'm hoping that all functions will be properly explained in future versions so people won't think something is missing when really it's just not been pointed out to them by the software.

EDIT: Oh and obviously, thanks! I've been rather content with Bandicam and was afraid I'd have to start to look for new software to purchase. I love this simple, little programme. Just wish it detected stuff better. :roll:

Re: Saving audio file separately

Posted: Sun Jul 29, 2018 6:40 am
by Zuzu_Typ
I'm sorry if I got you confused a little.

I'm guessing you didn't expand the screenshot -- you can either scroll it or click on it to expand it ;)

The more you know.