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[Issue] Mouse goes invisible over Bandicam client area (unknown reason)

Fri Oct 26, 2018 10:41 pm

Just mentioning that there is an issue where the mouse becomes invisible over the Bandicam interface (making it hard to use/click on things) - but the exact reason, I have not isolated yet.

Once, it seemed to happen 'at random' (no idea why).
Another time, it happened when I drawing out a "Select A Recording Area" and the browser that was behind Bandicam 'reset' or 'refreshed' or something. Whatever it was that happened, it interrupted the "Select A Recording Area" process and left the mouse 'invisible' (cannot see windows mouse icon cursor) - but only when the mouse is over the Bandicam client.

Closing and then restarting Bandicam fixes/corrects the issue when it appears.

Bandicam Version

Oh, if I may add,
Switching To ANY Screen Recording Mode
seems to have a period of 'lag' or time where the user can do nothing (Bandicam seems to Freeze or go into Not Responding Mode), but Bandicam fixes itself after a time and the user can continue in any Screen Recording Mode - the issue occurs only when first switching from Game Recording Mode to Screen Recording Mode...
(I can open a separate Thread for this, if that is more convenient. It is not really a huge issue, I just thought I would mention it here)

I can try to replicate/reproduce and get more information, if desired.

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