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Win9x Games - DirectX/DirectDraw API support (or lack of)

Wed Apr 03, 2019 6:29 am

I have trouble recording older windows games with bandicam. :cry:

Seems like i.e. Starcraft, Diablo, Heroes of might and magic, (plus many others using old DX/DDraw API) are not working in game mode.

This is such a bummer as i bought this software especially for that reason (plus recording dosbox but it is working like a charm).

There is a workaround - You can use rectangle recording mode in a manner that:

1) You set bandicam in rectangle mode with resolution set to game native,
2) position rectangle to (0x,0y)
3) Start recording
4) Enter fullscreen ingame (alt + enter)

Problem there's no overlay and no preview of the webcam. Also it has to be positioned and sized correctly (defaults are different) otherwise there will be either offset with cutting of parts of the video or black bars/box around if size will be higher, so the upscaling will have to be done later during post.

In my case Problem with recording HoMM 3 is that it supports only 16-bit color in windowed mode but it is not possible to run it that way in W10. So i have either fullscreen with no possible knowledge if it is (still) recording, no overlays, no webcam or using my specially prepared Retro PC with frame grabber.
But as i often travel and record on the go, taking 12kgs of mid 90's pentium MMX PC plus 25kgs of CRT monitor with me is rather silly idea.

Could please somebody try to implement it?

System Specs:
-Core i7-3537U
-GF GT740M

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Re: Win9x Games - DirectX/DirectDraw API support (or lack of)

Wed Apr 03, 2019 5:42 pm

Hello sqrrlz,

We've forwarded your requests to our development team.

Thank you.

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