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Similar recordings to youtube direct

Sun Jul 28, 2019 6:43 am

have the possibility to go back to the current recording as a video, but it would apply to the current recording, for example go back in 5 seconds and review the previous 5 seconds , while letting the recording continue, and when have finished reviewing that they are 5 seconds back, have can return to live and continued the current recording and so that the transition between the back and recording is not noticeable, depending on the quality of recording and return to the live recording when have finished seeing that we needed to see like 10 seconds before. The goal is to see the recording in bandicam, as the direct broadcast of youtube, with the possibility to go back in the live and the possibility of returning to the broadcast in real time, it would be well applied Bandicam in the recordings and be able to go back, just by pressing shortcut keys and when have seen that one needed to see, can return to the recording in real time. It's strange that I say, but I think that its revolutionized the captured video on windows.

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Re: Similar recordings to youtube direct

Wed Jul 31, 2019 3:00 pm

Hello consciencek,

We have forwarded your requests to our development team.

Thank you.

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