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Videos wont play on my recordings

Wed Feb 12, 2020 8:21 am

I connect my computer to my Android box using Quicksupport. I then Use Bandicam to make instruction videos. When recording if I have a video playing on my Android box it will not show up on my computer screen. Not sure if it has to do with Quicksupport or if it is to do with Bandicam. Can anyone help me find a solution? Thanks

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Re: Videos wont play on my recordings

Wed Feb 19, 2020 12:21 pm

Hello GumbyFromLumby,

We are sorry but we are not quite sure what you are asking.
Could you be specific?
What do you mean by Android box and Quicksupport?
Could you please give us the download links?
Also please let us know which mode you tried - the Screen Recording Mode, Device Recording Mode, or Game Recording Mode.
We look forward to your reply.

Thank you.

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