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Ctrl Alt Delete stops video recording

Wed Mar 11, 2020 5:45 am

Any assistance you could render here would be helpful. I recently added a new hard drive to my computer and reinstall my operating system. After reinstalling bandicam I noticed that if I ever hit control-alt-delete to bring up task manager that stops panda cam from recording video. It continues to record my mouse moving around but not the things my mouse is doing such as opening folders and files. I still hear audio. But I do not see anything else other than my cursor moving on the screen. I do not see the task manager come up.

I am trying to make a video where I show how to use task manager so as you can see it is pretty important that after I bring up task manager bandicam continue to record my screen is normal.

Everything else on my computer is working as normal.

If you have any ideas please help.

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Re: Ctrl Alt Delete stops video recording

Wed Mar 11, 2020 6:29 pm

Hello Thatroubleshootah,

We were not able to recreate your issue.

Please uninstall the current version of Bandicam and restart your computer. Then download/reinstall the latest version of Bandicam(4.5.6) from our official website and check if the problem still exists.

Thank you.

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