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Bandicam-Dazzle DVC100 Recording

Sat Nov 07, 2020 12:56 pm

Hello everyone, been a prowler on this sub for some time, yet this is my first post, so on the off chance that I unintentionally disrupt any of the norms, my conciliatory sentiments.

I've been attempting to make another account arrangement for some retro ongoing interaction. I've claimed a Dazzle DVC 100 for some time now, and I purchased Bandicam in light of the fact that it functioned admirably with it. I recorded around 14 hours on this arrangement with no issue, so I chose to purchase a Blue Yeti mic to go with it. Got everything fully operational and recorded an additional 2 hours like this, without issue. I'm prepared to begin utilizing this full arrangement vigorously when abruptly, out of the blue my video input begins getting extreme slack.

I've done all that I can to attempt to fix it; reinstalled my drivers, moved back updates, diminished FPS and quality settings, quit recording with the mic, and so forth Nothing. Indeed, even Bandicam uphold couldn't help, so I chose to introduce an alternate programming and check whether I actually got the slack. I introduced OBS and found that I was getting indistinguishable slack, so I've arrived at the resolution that issue is with my Dazzle DVC 100, not my product. This isn't the first run through it's given me issue (the explanation I don't utilize OBS is on the grounds that the Dazzle's sound is contradictory with it), yet this steady slack is new, and it was recording flawlessly on Bandicam under about fourteen days prior.

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