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Some advice for future updates.

Thu Jan 21, 2021 11:44 pm

Hello, i wanted give u some advice for the next updates that u will make on the bandicam software.
One of this is that when i rec game and webcam together there is a bit of desync audio with the webcam file. I can notice this on the editing software, and this delay have always the same delay, in my case i move forward the webcam video track of 0.07ms, some times 8 and i get anything syncronized.
So is the webcam to be in outsync with the game video and audio track and not the mic and game audio tracks.
Seconds is that When i rec a game and then i stop, sometimes bandicam tell me for fix the .AVI file because is corrupted. Now i wanna say that is not the video file to corrupted but the audio in some points, what i mean is that in the game audio track and some time in the mic audio track, there the audio is like distorted, and there is a annoying and weird noise during for 5 or 6 seconds. I will attach u a video example exported by my last gameplay recorded:

Thats all for the moment. I hope u will fix these little problems in the next updates and i wish u a good day! :D

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