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Planetside 2 and 'Ultra' Settings Quality Test (1080p)

Wed Nov 28, 2012 8:19 am

Tested out some found 'Ultra' settings, that can apparently make the game look a lot better, if you don't mind editing an .INI file in the games' directory (it seems to be allowed and fine to do so). I was still getting sluggish performance that everyone seems to be getting, in larger firefights. But, I messed with the found settings a bit more and tweaked them to help optimize performance, started up Bandicam and here is the end result vid:
Recorded with: Bandicam @ 'FullSize' (1920x1080), 'Default' setting (MPEG-1 Quality 80 VBR) [was the Default of Bandicam at the time of this post]
Recorded game: Planetside 2, a free-to-play MMOFPS

This is just a simple pasting of some short tests together, taken in a time of low light/at night and then during the daytime when I went and found some BioLab fighting (which is usually a site of sluggish performance for most people, I know it was for me) where there are many other soldiers around. It shows an example of the lighting, effects and clarity of the textures, both inside and outside (except for one or two that seemed to be 'stuck' at low resolution) that you can get with these 'Ultra' settings - as well as the performance of gameplay that you can even have with my tweaks to them - and of course, the smooth recording in high quality you get when using Bandicam! 8-)

Enjoy and See You In The Game!

Full article with details about the video, the 'ultra' settings, my changes to them, some screenshots and more, can be found at this direct link to the post here: ... ality.html

[Update: Since this video was created, Planetside 2 has had many updates and Optimizations - one of them is the ability to now choose an 'Ultra' preset within the Graphic Options of the game. For further information though (.ini editing and Tweaking, possibly for speed/quality balancing purposes) the information above is still valid, but not needed. Showing off Bandicam's Quality is still the main goal with this post 8-)]
("Hope That Helps!") ~ Troy

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