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Heroes Chronicles and the dreaded "erasing cursor"!

Fri May 25, 2012 12:06 pm

Here's a link to the very first Let's Play episode I recorded with Bandicam and posted to YouTube: ... A5939D56C8
(I had been using CamStudio 2.0 previously, but had been running into that program's 2GB "chokepoint" with the first few episodes of Heroes Chronicles: WOTW, so I switched to the paid version of Bandicam.)
I completed the Let's Play of "Warlords of the Wasteland", and subsequently did a "Let's Play" series of a different game, "Champions of Krynn." (Here's a link to one of the last episodes of that Let's Play: ... plpp_video )
I had planned to alternate between Heroes Chronicles campaigns and Gold Box games in future Let's Plays, and I've been doing several test recordings of Heroes Chronicles: Conquest of the Underworld to get the sound settings where I want them.

However, I'm noticing that, when I first click within the game window after clicking the Record button in Bandicam, cursor movements within the game window seem to "erase" the screen. I have also tried turning the recording on & off with the keyboard hotkeys I'd set up, but I'm still getting the "erasing cursor". As far as I can tell, it doesn't seem to make a difference whether I load Bandicam first or the game first. I don't remember having this problem when recording "Warlords of the Wasteland;" however, in the approx. 2 1/2 months since I started that Let's Play, I've forgotten if I was doing anything in particular which avoided the "erasing cursor" problem. :?

Can someone help me troubleshoot this issue, please?

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