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Re: Joining 2 or more different videos together?

Thu Apr 21, 2016 6:18 pm

Bandisoft wrote:We're sorry that the Bandicut update was delayed.

2. RE formats. Please be specific, there is enough ambiguity in your reply already - what are you referring to? Containers or Encoders?
Bandisoft wrote:we will add support for other file formats to HIGH SPEED MODE... we’ll add one or two at once
In addition to x/H265, at the very least from the start you should be supporting mp4/MPEG-4,mkv,avi containers and H.264/x264 codecs with appropriate audio eg AAC, AC3 etc.
⇒ We’ve said that we would add formats for ‘HIGH SPEED MODE’
But we can’t do it all at once.
Well of course you could, you already support these in Bandicam so you cannot claim to have no experience with these formats. In fact you have a list of codecs recommended here for use with Bandicam. I understand that immediate support for ALL formats is a big ask but then again people have waited for this for nearly a year!

Bandisoft wrote:We’ll try to expand the formats one at a time.
As above but just so you know this is a rather lame (sic) answer.

Bandisoft wrote:3. For Lossless perhaps, Lagarith+PCM

While generally I use x264.avi and PCM, I usually compress to H/x264.mp4+AAC(FDK). I'm sure other readers would like to add to this?
⇒ We’ll try to support it in the future, but we have to check the side-effect specific codec.
Please let us know why you want to use AAC(FDK).
Because AAC FDK produces better audio results than standard AAC - this is well known

Bandisoft wrote:4. I also notice you fail to mention ETA so what about NEW timescales for this?
⇒ Although we can’t promise the exact time, we will do it as soon as possible.
I sincerely hope that we wont STILL be having this conversation in three months time! Your customers deserve better!
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