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Bandicut version Bug report

Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2015 2:08 am
by Zuzu_Typ
Dear Bandicut developers,

I have several bugs I have to mention:

1. Translation bugs
In Bandicut Cutter
-> Output settings
-> Encoding Mode settings
-> Video Size
The option 1920x1080(FullHD, 1080p) is too big to display

In Bandicut Joiner (and Bandicut Cutter)
-> Close All button (Joiner exclusive) and the buttons beside it
Don't have hotkeys in the information box (when hovering over them)

In Bandicut Cutter
-> Next & last frame buttons
Neither Up nor Down are hotkeys for these buttons (instead they are used for switching up and down in the
segment list)

In Bandicut
-> Home button
Pressing F4 doesn't lead to the home page, it closes all files

2. Other bugs
In Bandicut Cutter and Joiner
-> Volume
The volume always resets to 50% when closing all files

In Bandicut configuration
-> General
-> Create log file (.log)
The feature doesn't work. If you enable it there is no logfile created
Also the setting resets to disabled everytime you restart Bandicut

In Bandicut Cutter
-> Stop segment button
Hotkey doesn't work (Pressing Alt+P doesn't do anything, though Alt+AltGr+P does work)

In Bandicut Cutter and Joiner
-> select video and audio track popup
No shortcuts work as long as this popup is showing

In Bandicut Cutter
-> Segment list
Switching through the list (e.g. using Up and Down) sometimes varies the current frame of the video shown

3. Crashes
In Bandicut Cutter and Joiner
When you open a Video, Close all files and then click on the big green "Start" button, Bandicut crashes.

Good luck with the fixing.

Re: Bandicut version Bug report

Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2015 2:31 pm
by Bandicam Company
Hi Zuzu_Typ,

Thank you very much for your excellent bug report.

We will try to fix the bugs as soon as possible.