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Full Version Removes Nag Screen?

Sat Jun 04, 2016 11:47 am

I have created a video compilation by cutting and then joining. However each video in the joined video starts with the nag screen for Bandicut. If I was to purchase the full version and use the Bandicut Joiner to join all those videos would I still get the nag screen at the beginning of each joined video? Or will this remove it completely?

Here is the video I made.

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Re: Full Version Removes Nag Screen?

Fri Jun 10, 2016 12:02 pm

We're sorry for the insufficient explanation.
If you made video clips by using the unregistered version of Bandicut, they are new videos.
So if you want to join them without the watermark (nag screen), you have to cut the segment of each video and then you can join them.
(The watermark is not removed automatically)

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