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[Suggestion] Add Different Audio Track For A Video

Thu Jul 07, 2016 6:30 am

I realize you guys are very busy with Bandicut already, I want to merely post a Suggestion of a possible capability for Bandicut:

The ability to use a different Audio Track, put together with the Video Track from a different source (eg. Video from one clip but using the Audio from another file).

This way, people can put together [as a couple of examples]; a Tutorial that shows how to do something, but use a different Audio source (a sound file of them talking, a song, etc), or a Montage (array of video clips) but then use a different Audio source (music, etc) over the entire video.

Perhaps this may complicate Bandicut too much and/or it is outside the scope of the concept of Bandicut (to keep the utility small and easy-to-use) - it is merely a Suggestion - I am enjoying Bandicut otherwise! :mrgreen:
("Hope That Helps!") ~ Troy

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Re: [Suggestion] Add Different Audio Track For A Video

Fri Jul 08, 2016 5:35 pm


It would be so nice.

We've forwarded your requests to the development team.

We will let you know when we have added the function for which you asked.

Thank you for your suggestion!

Best regards,
The Bandicut Team

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