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Sun Oct 16, 2016 1:24 pm

I have downloaded bandicut and want to buy it but before buying I have a few questions.
    Can add transition effects between 2 videos? If yes how?
    Can I add background music to video? if yes how?
    If I change my laptop is there a way to transfer bandicut license to new laptop?

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Re: Transition

Sun Oct 16, 2016 9:45 pm

Hello theniks,

It is not yet possible to add a transition effect. (It will most likely eventually be possible, but that could be tomorrow or in 2 years, it all depends on what Bandisoft is willing to make out of Bandicut)

You can't add only-audio tracks to your video (yet).

However transfering a Bandicut license is no problem.
This is the license information for Bandicut:
BANDISOFT wrote:A lifetime guarantee is offered as long as the below rules are followed:

If you uninstall the registered Bandicut, you can re-use/transfer the license to another computer.
If you format your computer or your computer is broken, you can re-use/transfer the license to another computer.

If you lost the serial number, go to and enter your purchasing email address. Your license will be sent to your email again.

I hope I was able to help you,
Thank you for reading my post. I hope you understand my "English".
I'm the German translator for some of Bandisoft's products and websites
(mostly Bandicut and Honeycam).

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