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no reencoding

Sat Aug 04, 2018 10:52 pm


my purpose is very simple in theory but I can't find any soft to do it properly.
I have two video files of the same movie. Both are incorrect at different places.
For the sake of simplicity suppose that the first file as a bug at the end and that the second file has a bug at the beginning; so to have a complete fixed movie, I just have to merge the beginning of the first file with the end of the second file.
Both files are mp4 files with a very good quality H264 encoding, so I don't want to reencode them.

The problem is that it seems that H264 encoding induces I, P, B frames in a more complicated way than H263. Thus to cut and join on a specific frame in rather hard and when I try with AviCut it doesn't work.

Bandicut claims to do it, but I was not able to check this with the evaluation version, as with this version it is not possible to cut and join without reencoding....

I would be happy to purchase BandiCut but only if it works.
Does anybody knows if it really works ?

Thanks for any answer


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Re: no reencoding

Mon Aug 06, 2018 11:29 am


You can use High-speed mode for Joiner only when all formats (Video resolution, codec, etc.) are exactly the same.

Most functions of the free version and the full version are the same except for the watermark.
If you can't use the High-speed mode with the evaluation version, you will have the same issue with the full version (You have to re-encode them.)

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