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Bandicam 2.1.1 (11/26/2014) - real-time drawing function

Tue Nov 25, 2014 11:54 pm

Bandicam updated - Version: V 2.1.1 (11/26/2014)

Image bandicam_2.1.1_version_update.pdf

* Detailed information

1. Bandicam now supports a real-time drawing function while recording the computer screen.
- Users can simultaneously draw lines, boxes, or highlights while recording in the 'Rectangle on a screen' mode.

2. Added a Size Preset function which allows the user to save the current target position and size in the 'Rectangle on a screen' mode.

3. The recording target will be locked when the repeat image capture function is used.

4. Bugs fixed
- FPS information of Some MP4 files was displayed incorrectly in the Output tab.
- Keyframe interval settings didn't work properly while using the MPEG-4 video codec.
- Other minor bugs fixed.

* Bandicam Download:

Thank you for using Bandicam
We are doing our best to make the world's best recording program.

Best regards,
The Bandicam Team

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