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WHY am I only questioned for Bandicam....

Sun May 06, 2018 10:39 pm


I am one of the users who loves Bandicam and because it's user-friendly.
This section being about YouTube, I'd like to ask the main Bandicam community member why the heck did you post on my video: "This violates our software's copyright, please remove this video or your YouTube channel will be suspended." Like what...seriously....You are responsible for my video being deleted and now I have 1 strike on my channel even though, I'm a low life and a low profile YouTuber...I don't know why after 2 years you just popped up to see the Bandicam crack...an actual working one...

2, ok. I admit that of course it is a copyright violation and just would've removed the friggin' crack video, but why...why was I only targetted in doing something that is happening all over the world with thousands of other things containing thousands of other cracks and having thousands of other YouTubers uploading it! Just by searching bandicam crack brings up a whole lot of videos and shit...Then why heck did you find my content disturbing and why report me only.

The reason of this post....where the hell, is your justice. Why did you find my content disturbing. If you're so concerned about your damn software go onto each and every channel having the bandicam crack video and THREATEN and BEG them to delete the video and or else shutdown their goddamn channel. I'm seriously pissed on this you j*rks only picking on me for your product.

But then again, ok it is right that you claimed your copyright and I did read your copyright comment on my video ( who ever from the Bandicam community has a YouTube account and did that) , I'm asking him to reply to my question..: "Why....where is your justice...Why did you only report my video and didn't go on other people's channels to beg them to delete your video?"

No offense through this post, but I only need to get the attention of the one who is responsible for the strike and what does he want by a low ranked 'just-for-fun-uploading' person like me when there are other thousands of people uploading same crap about your software. Explain and don't ignore nor attempt to report.

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Re: WHY am I only questioned for Bandicam....

Tue May 08, 2018 3:46 pm

Thank you for using Bandicam.

We have been monitoring and deleting the contents that infringe our copyrights in order to protect the full version users as well as our copyrights.
Usually we submit copyright takedown notices directly to YouTube without any previous notices.
However, sometimes we also post comments to inform that the content infringes our copyright because we don't want YouTube to suspend the accounts.
We would appreciate your understanding.

Thank you.

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Re: WHY am I only questioned for Bandicam....

Wed May 09, 2018 1:16 am

Yes, I do understand how important is someone's copyright to them. The main thing is how much can you also do this on other channels...and till when. I'd like to see you claim your copyright on other videos related to this content as well.

Thank you.

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Re: WHY am I only questioned for Bandicam....

Wed Apr 03, 2019 7:43 pm

So let me get this right. You posted a video on how to crack software and you are angry that it has been taken down and strike made against you?

Quick question....are you seriously that stupid?

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