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Easier hiding of the rectangle recording window

Mon May 13, 2019 11:03 pm


Just two or three days ago I discovered Bandicam and first of all I wanted to thank you for this excellent screen recording software. Most important for me: It is the first of various such programs that I have tried and which is able to record with no or only a minimal lag! (Very useful in this repect is also the information you provide in the article "How to reduce lagging" on your website.)

As a beginner with Bandicam, of course I have to get accustomed to the program before making suggestions etc. But let me mention a small detail one can speak about even without being already very acquainted with the program:

When I want to hide the rectangle recording window I have to open the Rectangle Set Menu in the top bar of the rectangle or I have to remember to press Ctrl+Alt+H (see ).

In effect, this hiding means that the rectangle window is minimized to the tray in the taskbar.

It would be much more comfortable if this result could be achieved also by the simple click on an icon in the right side of the rectangel window's bar (just as it works with the windows of applications in general): You already have the symbol "X" for closing the rectangle window. Would it be possible to add also the symbol "-" for hiding / minimizing the window to the tray in the task bar?

Thank you.
- OS: Windows 7 Home Premium
- Graphic card model: NVIDIA GeForce 9100M G
- Bandicam version:
- Bandicam mode: Screen Recording Mode
- Recording Target: YouTube, desktop screen

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Re: Easier hiding of the rectangle recording window

Tue May 14, 2019 11:13 am


We have forwarded your request to our development team.
Thank you for your suggestion.

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