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Dungeon Defenders, Bandicam style!

Wed Nov 28, 2012 11:58 pm


I have been making gaming videos for a while, but got fed up with the complications that came from compressing the raw footage afterwards. I recently purchased Bandicam and wow - this has re-opened my love for making gaming videos and sharing my gaming experiences. Seriously, I can't thank Bandicam enough for their product, the simplicity and amazing stuff you can do with it is just mindboggling.

So without further a due, the first 2 video's I made last night with Bandicam. These are recorded using the Editing preset at 1280x720, quality 80. I can check the more detailed settings when I get home if anybody is interested. The intro was recorded using the onscreen rectangle to test that out. I really like that, as you can make easy intro's using (for example) a black background with specific things floating by. :P

Dungeon Defenders.

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