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Bugreport - Bandicam corrputs recorded file

Sun Apr 08, 2018 1:58 am

Hello, there has been this problem with Bandicam for a long long time. While I'm recording a game in "Game recording Mode", when I quit from that game, then that game will not close completely (you can still see it in process manager) and Bandicam will show that it's still recording. If I try to stop recording using stop button, it does nothing for a few seconds and then shows

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Failed to stop the recording because the target window is not responding.
Do you want to force the recording to stop?
Yes No

I click on Yes, it stops, but the resulting file is corrupted. MediaInfo doesn't show any info about it, PotPlayer and MPC-HC can't play it, AviDemux can't open it. And you can't delete that file untill you kill game's running process in task manager.
Same thing will happen if gam crashes for some reason, resulting file will be corrupt. It probably has something to do with recording settings but I'm not going to experiment with them.
I record to mp4, full size (1920x1080), 60fps CFR, H264 VBR using NVENC, quality 100.
Here's an example file for you to check out.

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Re: Bugreport - Bandicam corrputs recorded file

Mon Apr 09, 2018 2:20 pm

Hello dexter86,

Actually 'Game Recording' mode of Bandicam already has the auto stop function when the recording target is lost.
In most cases it works correctly, however, there are a few cases where the problem might occur as Bandicam cannot receive the information that the game had been closed.
You can try Bandifix if your output type is .AVI, but unfortunately we cannot solve the problem for broken .MP4 files at this moment.
We will try to find the solution for your issue in the future.

Thank you.

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