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Bandicam files (both as MP4 or AVI ) are not displaing by any player

Wed Feb 13, 2019 11:51 pm

Hello! Sorry for bad English! I have a problem when capturing video from the screen with Bandicam. I recorded several MP4 video files via the MiMue C325 car DVR. Then I used several different video players and tried to record an image at screen with Bandicam. But I got a negative result. When I look at the file icon of MP4 or AVI file ( both variants of output file settings), which was recorded with Bandicam , the icon is just black without an image. And accordingly when I turn on this video file (recorded by Bandicam) I see only a black screen. And when I convert MP4 from car DVR to AVI and capture video from the screen with Bandicam once again, the result is the same. However, if I have a MOV video file from another device and convert this file to AVI format, Bandicam records video from the screen without any problems. What is the cause of this problem? Thank you!

If anyone will respond to this question, I very much ask you to write short phrases without complicated grammatical turns. I don't understand your explanation otherwise. Thank you for your attention, all the best!

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Re: Bandicam files (both as MP4 or AVI ) are not displaing by any player

Thu Mar 07, 2019 3:58 pm

Hello Konst2019,

Sorry for the late response.
How do you playback the video recorded by MiMue C325 car DVR and how do you record it with Badicam?
Which recording mode of Bandicam do you use?
We look forward to your reply.

Thank you.

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