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What does it take to record at high frame rate w/ no noticeable loss in FPS

Thu Aug 15, 2019 6:40 am

When i record during game play I definitely notice a slow down, but its quite a bit which leads me to believe I would really have to beef up my computer to be able to record modern names like Apex or Destiny 2 at high quality without loss of FPS during game play.

My PC is

i7 i9700k
GTX 1080 Ti
M.2 Drive
Using the Nvidia NVENC Encoder

I could upgrade to a 2080Ti but this is only about 30% faster and I notice more than a 2 fold drop in FPS. Ideally I would like to record in 1080 resolution at 144Fps 80%+ quality. I don't think my PC can do that so my question is, can any at this point ?

Lets just say, given a budget of $5000, can one build a PC that can do HD recording @ 144fps at 80% quality on any game?

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