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Can't use this program at all

Sat May 16, 2015 3:43 pm

I Tried to recored CSGO at any format(including .mp4) and the FPS drops are hugh.
Recording with another program like action! is alot more easy and less frustrating, Action! doesn't drop as much fps like bandicam.
I also tried Shadowplay, and i would stay with it if it had more options.
I'm really sad that i can't use this program after buying it.
Thier are so many things missing like the option to tab out of the game without the video splitting or the option the save the webcam video sepretly or the option to save screenshots into another folder or the option to have more codecs in .mp4 OR THE OPTION TO RECORD A VIDEO WITHOUT LAGGING!
I'm not even talkling about the premiere pro bug...
Why can't bandicam recored like Action even thoe its the same codec(nvenc)??
As of right now, Bandicam isn't usable.
I'll wait in patience for update to fix those things(i hope he will).

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Re: Can't use this program at all

Sun May 17, 2015 8:49 am

Why did you buy Bandicam without trying it out first?

Bandicam is the least-CPU-powered software out there to record gameplay/screen, so it might be your system.
If there is something wrong with the video you recorded, open up where you installed Bandicam and there's something there called 'bdfix' that will fix your AVI file.

Again, not Bandicam's fault if you didn't check out their software before buying.

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Re: Can't use this program at all

Sun May 17, 2015 8:23 pm

I did check the softwere before i bought it, and if its my systems fault why other programs like shadowplay and action can run very good?
Bandicam is totaly not the "least CPU-powerd softwere".

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Re: Can't use this program at all

Mon May 18, 2015 10:54 am

What's your computer specs? I don't have any issues with bandicam. If your gpu is mid end like mine, you may need to try to lower your quality or try using the jpeg codac. Yes, the jpeg format can look kinda grainy and washed out, but encode it right and it will look just fine

ex -

If your computer is high end and you have the latest drivers installed, you shouldn't be having any issues.

Another issue is you may be straining your hardrive. If you don't have an SSD, play the game on one hardrive and record on another.
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Re: Can't use this program at all

Mon May 18, 2015 2:38 pm

I know I'm just re-iterating what others have helpfully said already, but I too, suggest trying lowering your recording settings and/or your game settings, to see if this helps you.

I just tested CS:GO with Bandicam 2.2.0, using various codecs (Xvid, Third Party x264 [the slowest out of these but it can look really good with the right settings], AMDAPP, etc) and my FPS did drop down to 100fps, but that isn't bad [in my mind]. Are you trying to record at a constant 120fps at 1080p or something? I just upgraded recently to an AMD FX-8350 CPU and AMD Radeon R9 280 GPU, which made a huge difference (games run so much smoother now!) and lessened the 'performance hit' of recording a lot for me... The others are right, perhaps it is just a bit much for your system at this point in time. :( Have you tried other codecs, like MJPEG? It is a more 'lightweight' codec, that uses less processing than most others (even though the VBR Quality must be set higher to keep comparative visual Quality, in my opinion).

Were previous versions of Bandicam working for you? In the past, I found a version of Bandicam that had a large hit to the performance for me, and working with Bandisoft, they were able to fix the issue in the next version of Bandicam that came out (this was around 1.9.2, if I remember correctly). If you really can't get it working with this version, try downloading past versions of Bandicam at their Softonic downloading area and see if an older version works better for your hardware. If it does, let them know! Perhaps there is something there, too...

I was able to do some quick testing, so just wanted to pop back in to say that I did some testing with other Game Recording Programs I had...

FRAPS (bought long ago) brought my fps in CS:GO down to about 80fps from about 150fps
DXTORY (friend bought it for me a while back) brought my fps down to about 80 as well (Dxtory Codec)
BANDICAM brought it down to about 100fps from about 150fps (Xvid/avi and MPEG4/mp4 codecs)

These numbers are what was showing while recording and playing CS:GO
The actual captured fps (target:60) was below 60fps if I wasn't recording to my SSD (down to about 40 on an old slow HDD). It maintained the target 60fps on the SSDrive.

Just a comparison to show that Bandicam doesn't seem to be much worse (in fact is slightly better in capturing performance than those other non-free programs, in these tests it seems). These were all tested on the same system, with the same settings.

Bandicam does a lot of compression on-the-fly with many of the codecs, which is CPU-intensive, depending on which codec and settings you choose. I went from a 4-core CPU to an 8-core CPU and found that the performance hit when recording with Bandicam went way down! Try to lower the recording settings and also try lowering your in-game settings, to find out what affects it more...
Whatever is causing this problem for you, I hope you figure out what it is - don't forget to try older versions too, maybe something has changed and finding out what it is may help you, too.

Good luck with it!
("Hope That Helps!") ~ Troy

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Re: Can't use this program at all

Tue May 31, 2016 3:42 pm


Please try Bandicam 3.1.0 which has been released today.
This new version allows you to save a webcam video and game/screen video separately into two video files.

- Download:

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Re: Can't use this program at all

Wed Jan 25, 2017 7:08 pm


We are pleased to inform you that the output subfolder option is now available so that you can save captured videos and images in the different subfolders.
Please install Bandicam 3.3.1 from and check the function.

Thank you.

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