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Some feature-request, bugs and questions

Fri Jun 03, 2011 9:26 pm


- the recorded sound is very low when i play the video. is there a possibility to push the sound?

- when i choose the second sound record option, this sound is not played by the vlc player. when i took the windows media player for example there is no problem. can you improve this, so that i could hear the second sound in the vlc player too?

- when i choose the option to record the sound input (microphone), then all input is recorded inclusive the background noise. can you add an option for a voice activation, so that only the sound input is recorder when it is loud enough (same as teamspeak, skype, ....). maybe you can add a field for defining a push-to-talk-key too.

- i started yesterday the record when counter-strike source was started, but before i has connected a server. then i connected a server and played some minutes. then - when i looked the movie - only some frames were recorded. i estimate each 3-5 seconds a new frame/image. the beginning of the movie was normal, but not any more when css has loaded the map and i was on the server. the file size was extremly thin too (only ~45 mb). normally i have a file size from ~1 gb.

- you can add an audio signal when the record starts / stopps? so i know ingame - without overlay - that the movie has started to record.

- it is difficult to add a convert option? so i could record the movie with a codec that has only a low-cpu usage and then, when finishing the movie i could convert it with a codec that need a high-cpu usage, but one that has a small file size. you support differents codecs yet, so i think it should be possible :-)

- can you add some informations about the differnt codecs you support? i think some information about the estimated file size or the estimated cpu-usage should be very nice for people who dont know something about this.

- i want to buy a bandicam version but i dont have a paypal account nor a credit card. it is possible to transfer the money via bank?

- you restrict the 1-pc license for the use on one pc only. i want to use bandicam in a virtual machine which runs on the same pc too. is this allowed with the one-pc license or should i uninstall bandicam first from the pc before i install it in the virtual machine?

sry for my bad english but i hope you can understand my post :-)


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