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Recording mode "Game" does not work properly

Tue Oct 08, 2019 10:29 pm

Hi all,

sorry for the somewhat unspecific subject, but I'm unsure about the reason / cause of the problems I have.

It can be best described as: bandicam skips recording frames, when modifications viewable on the screen are too few.
Wheter this is due to the game stopping to refresh the screen or something else is beyond me.

Here are the facts I collected so far:
1. Game mode records fine as long as I move the character around. When I talk to someone, (the game halts and displays text) it diisplays the first text and then stops recording until the conversation is finished and I start moving about again
2. Recording an "area" set t the DOSBOX window works fine
3. Enabling/Diasabling "Do not record if frame is not refreshed" for "record type "game"" makes no difference.

I have uploaded two videos to youtube to accompy my probably lousy explanations. Both show the same scene.
1. working video (area mode recording):
2. malfunctioning video (recorded as game mode):

Any idea, what I could possibly do to make game mode working for me? Defining a new area all the time is somewhat tedious ;-)


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Re: Recording mode "Game" does not work properly

Fri Oct 11, 2019 6:57 pm

Hello SirJohn.

We've checked your YouTube videos and confirmed what you reported.
However, we do not have a good solution for this issue at this moment.
We recommend you use the Screen Recording Mode instead of the Game Recording Mode.
We are sorry that we couldn't give you the answer you wished for.

Thank you.

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